Can You Shower After Laser Hair Removal? A Detailed Answer 2022

A discomforting but common question we receive is, “can you shower after laser hair removal?” Because right after the laser hair removal, your body will feel like it’s on fire.

Yes, showering after a few hours of laser hair removal is a good idea. Many dermatologists suggest it because it will help to lose heat faster and remove dead skin cells. 

But every good result comes with some conditions; the same goes for showering after laser hair removal. And this post is going to show you what those conditions are.

Can you shower after laser hair removal?

Yes, you can shower after laser hair removal but waiting a couple of hours is a must. Your doctor may recommend you shower after a few hours. There are a couple of reasons to take a shower after laser hair removal, but for now, I will be mentioning some of them.

  • Removal of dead skin cells: During laser hair removal, the dead skin cells come out along with hairs. But those cells stick to living cells, and sloping them off becomes difficult. Also, in case of negligence, these dead skin cells can lead to infection.
  • Follicle stimulation: Follicles are tiny bulbs that provide a host for hair shafts. After the laser session, you need to stimulate these follicles for future hair growth. Future hair growth does not mean new hair growth, but it means that the next time you go for laser hair removal, the session will be more effective. So, shower and let the water flow down your body to stimulate the follicles.
  • Cleansing of skin: The technician will apply a gel or lotion on your skin before starting the laser session. This is to protect your skin from heat, but after the session is over, you need to wash your skin to remove the gel or lotion.

What to avoid when taking a shower after laser hair removal?

After laser hair removal, your regular shower can take a turn for the worse if you are not careful. So to assure your safety, avoid the following things:

  • Hot water: To limit skin irritation chances, avoid hot water. Also, hot water sucks out the moisture from your skin, making it dry. So, for showering after laser hair removal, cold water or lukewarm water is ideal.
  • Scrubbing: When we shower, our hands automatically scrub the skin. But your hands must be away from treated areas after laser hair removal.
  • Harsh soaps: Your regular soap is no more normal now. I am not saying to stop using it, but I am saying to avoid using it in treated areas. These ordinary soaps are full of chemicals, and direct exposure to chemicals to open pores can be irritating.

How soon can you shower after laser hair removal?

After a few hours, like 4 to 6 hours. This is the most common answer you will get from the dermatologist. And there are reasons behind it that I will disclose in the later part of this post.

When researching for this post, I found that people were searching for “can you shower immediately after laser hair removal.” The answer is “No, if the water is hot.” Here is why.

When the hot water touches your skin, the heat from the water can widen your pores. And we all know that the larger the pores, the more irritation.

The other reason is that your skin is recovering from the laser session. And during this process, exfoliation is at its peak. So, exposing your skin to hot water will wash away all the exfoliation process.

So, if hot water is the only available option, then the best is to wait for 24-48 hours.

But suppose the cold water is available to you. In that case, you can take a shower immediately(4-6 hours later) because cold water will constrict the pores.

What else not to do after laser hair removal?

Showering is not the only point of discussion; multiple factors contribute to the success of laser hair removal. Here are some post-laser hair removal instructions that play a significant part in making the treatment successful:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight: After laser hair removal, your skin and sun rays compete, and as always, sun rays win. Because your skin is now a weak barrier between you and UV rays. So, either avoid total exposure or cover your face with a cloth or scarf.
  • Avoid tight clothes: Your skin is now very fragile and susceptible to friction. And a slight variance can result in a big burn. So, avoid it and wear breathable clothes.
  • Stop shaving and waxing: As I told you earlier, hair removal treatments stimulate hair follicles. So, if you shave or wax between two sessions, all your efforts will go in vain.
  • Don’t go swimming: Your body and chlorine in seawater will resist each other. The chlorine will suck out the moisture from your skin, and your skin will produce more oil to moisturize itself.


So, in short, getting a cold shower after laser hair removal is fine but after passing a few hours. And a little exception comes on the way, and that is hot water. You can’t take a hot shower as it will maximize the chances of skin infection. Also, keep your hands from scrubbing the skin and approaching the chemicals when showering.

In the end, I would say follow all the post-laser hair removal instructions. And apart from showering, avoid exposure to sunlight, tight clothes, and swimming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a normal shower after laser hair removal?

Yes, but the water temperature level should be bearable, and avoid scratching the treated area. Also, it’s best to pass a few hours before showering.

Is it OK to wash your face after laser hair removal?

Washing your face is not an issue if you use a chemical-free face wash and not rubbing the skin roughly.

Why can’t I take a hot shower after laser hair removal?

Hot water collides with the skin and opens up all the pores. Also, it plays its part in maximizing skin infection and making it more delightful for bacteria.

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