How Many Sessions for Laser Hair Removal? A Complete Guide 2022

Ouch, those pesky tiny hairs all over the body are a pain to shave every day, and you’re sick of it! And after scrolling through your feed and seeing what seems like every other person getting laser hair removal, you’re thinking, “hey, maybe that’s something I should try.”

I do not doubt your decision because you have already made a fantastic choice by opting for laser hair removal rather than shaving, waxing, threading, etc. But the question still stands, “how many sessions for laser hair removal”?

4-6 laser hair removal sessions with a consecutive gap of 4 weeks in between sessions will give you the best results. But this number is not set in stone and may change depending on your case. This may vary depending on the thickness of your hair and laser type.

Hey, all beauty lovers; I am Ashlin, a certified beautician. In this post, my main aim is to figure out how many laser hair removal sessions are so that you all need to focus on enjoying the process. Let us together explore the answer to this question in detail.

What is laser hair removal?

When scrolling through your feed, you probably saw people with what looked like a giant rubber band being snapped against their skin. That, my friend, is a laser hair removal machine in action!

In this process, the hair removal machine emits high-intensity light that is strong enough to pass through the layers of skin. This light bypassing the different skin layers hits the hair follicle melanin.

So, when the light hits the melanin and converts it into high heat energy, it destroys the hair follicle and papilla(the root of the hair). So, it’s clear when your hair follicle and papilla are destroyed, then the regrowth of hair is impossible.

What are some types of laser hair removal?

With the popularity of laser hair removal on the rise, many different types of lasers have come out on the market. And with all these different types of lasers, it can be hard to track what each one does. But don’t worry; you will be a laser hair removal expert by the end of this post.

The two most common lasers that crossed my path are the IPl machine(intense pulsed light) and the diode laser. Let’s briefly describe each type so you can decide which one is best for you.

IPL( Intense pulsed light) 

When I use the word “intense” to describe something, you know it will be good! This machine uses broad-spectrum light that has an adjustable wavelength. So, you can target different areas as per your need.

But if you have very dark hair, this type of laser hair removal is nothing but a pain because it cannot pass through the melanin in the hair.

Diode laser 

This type of laser is much more specific due to its long wavelength. So, it means the melanin is not a barrier in this case and can directly target the hair follicle.

But you have to be extra picky while choosing a diode laser machine because all the diode lasers are not the same.

These are not just two types; many types of laser hair removal machines are available in the market, like YAG, Alexandrite, etc. We will be discussing them in our next post.

How many sessions for laser hair removal?

After the first session, you will not be hair-free but will see a visible reduction in hair growth. And as the sessions pass, the hair growth will be less and finer. But after 1-2 sessions, when looking at your purse, you might think, “do I need to go for more sessions?” How many sessions for laser hair removal do I still need?

Let’s be honest; according to some well-known laser hair removal experts, 4-6 sessions are good to go, but there must be a gap of 4 weeks between sessions.

When researching for this post, I found that most people go for 6-8 sessions, and some even continue for more than that until they are delighted. I decided to put my hat on and start digging into the details behind this required session variation.

Factors that decide the required session of laser hair removal

Some reasons can diversify the number of sessions:

  • The type of laser: Many lasers are available, each with a different wavelength. So, this factor participates as a VIP member in deciding the required session. If you opt for IPL laser hair removal, then 6-8 sessions will work, but in the case of a diode laser, 4-6 sessions are enough.
  • The area of treatment: You will note in some parts of the body, you have very thick hair growth, and on some parts, it’s just the opposite. So, it stands to reason that treating large areas like legs will take more time and sessions than the upper lip.
  • The color of your skin and hair: We can’t say that the laser will not work on dark skin tone, but it works best on people with light skin and dark hair. According to the research, people with this skin type see the best result in minimum sessions.
  • The thickness of your hair: This goes without saying that the lesser the thickness of hair, the fewer numbers will be good to go. So, if you have thin hair, you are one of the lucky ones, and you will see great results in fewer sessions.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

No one can give you a 100% guarantee that laser hair removal is permanent. Still, most dermatologists and well-known salons will tell you it’s near permeant. Even though I am the victim of this treatment, I know many people around me who are too.

Undoubtedly, it’s very effective against unwanted hairs and gives the best possible results that last long. But still, you need to go for touch-ups after some time because the hair follicles can again become active.


No one can give you the exact number of sessions, but you can expect between 4-8 sessions, depending on your skin type and hair thickness. Also, it’s not necessary that you have to go for all these sessions; you can stop in between when you start seeing the desired results.

And if someone guarantees you permanent results, then they are fooling you. There may be a slim chance that you will never have to see the growth of hair again, but still, it’s not permanent.

So, this was all about laser hair removal and how many sessions for laser hair removal. I hope you have a better understanding and can make a decision accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 6 sessions of laser hair removal enough?

In general, these six sessions can drive you to the safe side, but still, it’s not the exact figure to rely on. Each session can reduce hair growth by 10%-25%, and you will require more sessions to achieve 100% results.

Are 3 sessions enough for laser hair removal?

If you are lucky one have thin hair, you can finish the treatment in 3 sessions, but for most people, it will be a long shot.

How often should I go for a session?

The recommended time between two sessions is 4-6 weeks, but it still depends on your hair’s growth rate. If you have prolonged hair growth, you can increase the number of weeks.

Why do you have to wait 4 weeks between laser hair removals?

It’s because this is the time that hair follicles need to enter into a resting phase. So, if you go for another session before this, there will be no hair follicles to target, and you will waste your money and time.

What should I do after laser hair removal?

You need to do nothing special; avoid swimming, workout, shaving, and some others for some days or at least the next 24-48 hours.

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