How Old Do You Have to Get Laser Hair Removal? A Complete Guide 2022

Your hairs are always in a state of turnover (continuous shedding and growth). And our struggle to get rid of them has been endless since time immemorial. There have been many methods that got trend, and after some time, they became obsolete. For example, in the 70s and early 80s, the razor was at the peak of its popularity. But as time changed, epilators and depilatory creams took their place.

Now we have a game-changer solution in the form of laser hair removal. YES, still, it’s not a permanent solution, but you can think of it as a semi-permanent solution (as it can last for years without requiring a touch-up). It has become the new gold standard for the young generation.

But every method comes up with some conditions that you have to follow. So, is there any age limit for laser hair removal? Or how old do you have to get laser hair removal?

So let’s dive in and find the age limit for laser hair removal.

How old do you have to get laser hair removal?

Did someone tell you that laser hair removal is not for young blood? They are right to some extent, but not completely. How old do you have to get laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is unsuitable for pre-teens and teenagers because of hormonal changes. Also, skin is under process and at the peak of its sensitivity. But when you cross your 14 or 15 and have consent from your parents, you are good to go for it.

Now a question about weightage is, “why not for teenagers?”. As we all know, our teenage is a phase of life when our hormones are on a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, we are on the top of our game, and sometimes we feel low. So, during this time, you will get nothing but a big zero if you go for laser treatment.

The laser targets the melanin, and when your hormones are constantly changing, the melanin production also fluctuates. So, it will be a sheer waste of money and time because for the laser to work; it needs a stable melanin content.

But there is no hard and fast rule that you can never get laser done in your teenager. You can go for it if you don’t have any hormonal issues or have completed puberty.

Is laser hair removal safe for 14 year old?

YES, most beauty experts and laser specialists agree that 14 is a good age to start getting laser hair removal. But as we all know, our teenage is full of surprises, and anything can happen at any time. So, it is better to have a word with your parents and dermatologist (or laser specialist) before making this decision.

If you are still confused, below is a list of conditions that will help you decide whether you should go for it or not.

  • Your hormone level must be in a stable state.
  • Your skin tone and hair color should be suitable for laser hair removal. If you have light skin but dark hair, congrats, you have won the jackpot.
  • You should have written consent from your parents or legal guardian.
  • The skin of your body should have passed the sensitivity test.
  • Your skin has completed its development phase (puberty).

So, these were some conditions, and if you meet some important one like a stable hormone level, you should go for it. It won’t hurt you in any way.

Let’s talk about safety as we often confuse “safety” and “suitable.” So, here is a quick rundown on safety.

Although this process has passed the FDA test and is completely safe, some rare side effects can still occur. Some of the most common side effects are as follows:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Blistering
  • Scabbing
  • Change in skin color

These side effects are not just for early ages; they can occur at any age. But at an early age, they are most common because of susceptible skin.

At what age is laser hair removal most effective?

The answer revolves around a single word: “maturity.” And between 17-19 (on average), our bodies are at their peak maturity state. So, you can say that if you are at this age, you are a perfect participant in laser hair removal.

But wait a moment; I am not saying you can’t get it done if you are not in this age bracket. You can, but our pain point is that it will be more effective in this age bracket.

Here is your answer if you are wondering why not before this age.

Did you ever wonder why you have hair on your body? When you reach 17, you will note that your hair will grow more rapidly. This is because of the sudden spurt in testosterone levels.

And due to this, the melanin (the pigment that gives color to our hair) will also increase. So, in simple words, you can say that your hair will be darker and thicker. And darker hairs are a good target for laser hair removal.

But, if you go for it before this age, the result will be temporary because of an imbalanced hormone level. So before putting your hard-earned money on it, wait for some time until you reach the age of 17.

Is there a minimum age for laser hair removal? 

Yes, for some laser types, the minimum age is 14, and for some, it is 16. But remember, this is just a start-up age, and your parents should be with you while making this decision.

But if I have to give you a solid number, then I would say that the minimum age for laser hair removal is 18. Because when researching about this, I met several dermatologists, and they all agreed on this number.

Just remember one thing, no matter what is your age, always visit a professional for this type of job. Because at the age of maturity, our skin is still sensitive, and a little carelessness can cause serious side effects.

Is laser hair removal permanent and safe?

I have read a lot of forums, and most people have this confusion. So, so I will try to clear it out in simple words.

Permanent and semi-permanent are two different terms. When we talk about semi-permanent hair removal, it means after hair removal, there will be a significant reduction in new hair growth but for a limited time. This limited period can be of few months or a year.

So, laser hair removal is semi-permanent, not a permanent solution. It means you will need to go through several laser hair removal sessions, but the results will be long-lasting. But the touch-ups after every growth cycle will be a must.

And as long as safety concerns, it’s not only painless but also safe. But still, you can face some timely side effects I have already discussed in this article.


Our bodies are not like machines; they are constantly changing. You can go for laser hair removal when you reach 14 or 16, along with your parents, because it’s their decision too.

But to bypass any expected damage to your skin, skip the gap between 14-16 and go for it when you reach 17 because this is the age when your body can bless you with the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 12-year-old get a laser?

No, until they do not understand the process and its side effects. Also, this is the age of sensitivity and hormonal imbalance. So, for that reason, skip the idea of laser hair removal at this age.

What age is recommended for laser hair removal?

The age for laser hair removal starts from 14 but wait until your menstrual cycle is complete.

Can a minor get laser hair removal with parental consent?

Yes, with the consent of both parents, a minor can go for laser hair removal. But most dermatologists believe that laser hair removal is of no use at this age.

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