Why Does My Hair Feel Waxy After Washing? A Detailed Guide 2022

After washing hair, you want to see shiny, untangled, and fresh-smelling hairs. But sometimes, your imagination turns into reality, and you find your hair feeling waxy. This experience can leave you with a question mark” why does my hair feel waxy after washing?”.

So today, I have come up with this article to figure out the problem and provide some tips to eliminate this waxy hair feeling.

What is waxy hair?

Wax hair appears greasy, oily, sticky, and gunky no matter how often you wash them. Have a look at your hair after running your fingers through it- do they look like you’ve just dipped them in oil? That’s what we mean by waxy hair.

Also, when you try to style your hair, the style does not hold place. Because the hairs also slip out of style very quickly, the styling product will stay on the top of the hair and will not penetrate inside. And in a result, you will feel like you have not washed your hair for weeks. But what causes the hair to waxy and oil?

Why does my hair feel waxy after washing?

Three possible root causes that can leave you struggling with waxy hair are:

Products build-up

After washing your hair, you think you have washed out all the conditioner from your hair. But what about the silicon and sulfates that give your hair a shiny and smooth texture right after the conditioner? Do they come as quickly with a single wash? No, they don’t!

So, this silicon and sulfates mix with your scalp’s natural oil, forming a waxy layer on your hair with time. And when you style your hair with some hair product, this layer will not let the product stay inside and penetrate. As a result, all your styling efforts go in vain.

Over-production of sebum oils

Your body is full of little glands secreting viscous substances like sweat, oil, etc. And near your scalp, sebaceous glands provide the oil to your scalp for lubrication. When these glands over-secrete, the oil produced will exceed the scalp’s requirement.

And when this secretion crosses the limits, scalps will no longer feel the need for oil. They will not absorb more oil. So what’s happened? These oils start forming a waxy layer on your hair.

This overproduction of oils happens due to hormonal changes or medical conditions like PCOD, diabetes, etc.

Medical conditions

Some underlying health conditions can leave you with a waxy and itchy scalp. And of the top health condition that contributes the most to waxy hairs is seborrhoea. It is a skin disorder that causes white flakes, what we know as dandruff.

The lack of sleep, stress and improper diet can also be a reason for waxy hair. So, if you think your hair has become waxy, then changing your diet and proper sleep can do more than any shampoo.

How to get rid of waxy hairs?

After knowing the reasons, you will be on a chase to find a solution. But I know what your hairs need and how you can get rid of the waxy layer. So, let’s explore some tips:

Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo

In my various articles, I have talked about clarifying shampoos many times. And the reason is simple- it works to remove wax from hairs! A clarifying shampoo has a higher pH level and can remove all the build-ups from your hair. So, if you struggle with waxy hair, decorate your bathtub with a clarifying shampoo bottle and apply it in every wash.

Deep condition your hair

After washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo, your hair will be like a sponge- dry and rough. So, to prevent any damage, do a session of deep conditioning. A deep conditioner’s moisturizing and nourishing ingredients will repair all the damage done by clarifying shampoo and will also provide strength to your hair.

You can either get a ready-made deep conditioner from the market or can prepare one at home. For a DIY deep conditioner, you will need one mashed avocado, one mashed banana, one tablespoon of honey, and one egg.

Use apple cider vinegar and rinse

If you are not new to hair care, then may e you have tried it once in your life, or your friend told you about it. But let me clear some more points about it. Apple cider vinegar is a natural clarifier that works to remove all the build-ups from your hair. So, do an ACV rinse whenever you feel your hair is getting waxy.

To prepare the rinse, take one cup of water and mix half a cup of ACV. After shampooing, pour this solution over your scalp, let it sit for 5 minutes, and then wash properly.


Your hair feels waxy because of the build-up of sebum oil and other products on your scalp. Also, medical conditions like seborrhoea can cause waxy hair.

But your struggle and concerns about your waxy hair will now end. Even it may be the start of your healthy hair journey! From now onwards, whenever you feel your hair is getting waxy, remember these tips, and most importantly- don’t forget to give your hair some love and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hair feel waxy?

Your hair may feel waxy because of oily scalps and a build of the conditioner residues like silicones. Also, some medical conditions like seborrheic dermatitis can make your hair feel waxy.

Can I use a clarifying shampoo daily?

No, if you don’t want to lose all your natural oils. Clarifying shampoos while removing the build-ups can also remove the natural oils from your hair. So it would be best if you use it once a week or every two weeks.

Does low porosity hair not get greasy?

No, all types of hair can get greasy. Low porosity hair takes a little longer to absorb the oils from your scalp.

What is the best way to remove build-ups from my hair?

You can easily throw out hair’s build-up with a clarifying shampoo washout. Also, make sure to use a silicone-free conditioner.

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